Start your new year’s resolutions early this year with the Diet Assistant – Weight Loss app for Android. With almost 8,000 users rating it 4 out of 5 stars, this app will make fitting into those skinny jeans (girls and hipster boys alike) easier than ever. This app isn’t just a calorie counter—it includes diet plans, a weight tracker, graphs of your progress and a customized user profile. And on top of that, it now boasts a social layer courtesy of Socialize.

The Action Bar has been installed on the menu page of the app, turning the entire app into its own shareable entity. This allows users to like, comment on and share the app via Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS from the app’s homepage. Twitter and Facebook authentication both fills out the user’s Socialize profile in the app (giving them an identity when commenting and interacting inside the app) and promotes future sharing by enabling global posting. With each comment, like and share that is posted outside the app, a link is included to the app’s SmartDownload page, showcasing the app and encouraging new downloads. Meanwhile, every social action is tracked on the developer’s App Intelligence Dashboard so they know exactly where those downloads are coming from, what content is triggering them and who the most active users are.

Check out the screenshots below for more on what Socialize has done for this app, and can do for yours. And if you’re looking to shed a few pounds (hey, beach season is only 9 months away!), then download the Diet Assistant – Weight Loss app here.

Main menu with Action Bar

Liking triggers authentication

Share app through Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS

Commenting system powered by Socialize

Commenting subscribes user to thread through SmartAlerts

Authentication when commenting and sharing enables global posting

Socialize user profile tracks personal activity

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