It seems we’re in the music business! On the heels of other radio apps (click here and here for examples) that have implemented Socialize comes the mixRadio app for iOS.

With over 10,000 stations from all over the world, this app caters to anyone’s musical tastes. Users can compile a list of their favorite stations for easy access, enable playback for up to 30 minutes and record stations that they’re listening to. And of course, with Socialize now installed, users can also like, comment on and share each station to their social networks.

Because the Action Bar has been installed on each individual radio station, the developers can track social actions around each one via their App Intelligence Dashboard. All activity around each
entity is displayed in one place, showing which stations are generating the most buzz, which shares are bringing in the most new downloads and which users are most active (allowing them to be targeted via SmartAlerts). This granular insight into app and user activity is what put the Socialize features beyond sharing—they’re a means to total app transparency.

Check out the screenshots below to see Socialize in action. And to download the mixRadio app for yourself, click here.

Main Menu with all stations

Station with Action Bar

Share each station to social networks

Authenticate through Facebook and Twitter

Comment on each station

App's SmartDownloads Page linked to with each share

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