Here’s a powerful way to use our MicroTargeting¬†SmartAlert feature: Poll and interact with specific app users. ¬†For example, you might want to identify and target the most valuable user in your app, or find out what types of content the most active users in your app want to see more of.

Watch this video to see how Socialize president Sean Shadmand leverages the power of Formstack Mobile Forms to poll a specific app user through our App Intelligence Dashboard.

Here’s what it looks like to create the MicroTargeted SmartAlert through the dashboard:

Creating a User MicroTargeting SmartAlerts

Here’s what the notification and mobile form look like on the user’s phone:

Here's the SmartAlert on the user's phone

Here's the underlying SmartAlert URL

Lastly here’s the Formstack form mobile and desktop URL that we created.

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