Just like Solitaire and Bejeweled, Minesweeper is a classic that brings you back to playing it on your clunky desktop before the Internet stole all your free time with cats playing keyboards and meme after meme after meme. But just because it’s a classic doesn’t mean it gets left behind—Minesweeper has gone mobile with the Minesweeper Reloaded iOS app. And been given a Socialize makeover to boot.

This sleek new version of an old favorite includes the rules we all know and love (number one: don’t blow yourself up), and has been revamped to include local statistics, multiple input modes, retina display support and leaderboards so you can compete for glory with other Minesweepers. And, of course, now that it has Socialize implemented, you can comment on the app and reply to other users’ comments, like the app and share it—and your comments—through Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email. So there are lots of ways to toot your own horn when you nail that high score.

The developers of this app have chosen to put the Action Bar on the homepage of the app, turning the app itself into an entity. This means they receive granular statistics on the app’s activity to their dashboard. Every comment, like and share is tracked for any page the Action Bar is placed on. Their Socialize App Intelligence Dashboard also gives them information on each user’s activity and where all of their fresh downloads are coming from (hint: it’s from all of those shares)! Each time the app is shared, the information posted brings viewers back to the app’s Smart Downloads page, where they can download the app straight from the market, through QR code, and through SMS.

Why not check it out for yourself? Head to their Smart Downloads page and just try not to download the app. Or if you already itching for some serious Minesweeping, download the app here.

App Homepage w/Action Bar

App Itself is Entity

Classic Minesweeper

Share the App via Multiple Channels

Comment on the App and Share Your Comments Too

See App Activity in Real Time on its Socialize SmartDownloads Page

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