When we first released MicroTargeting, we thought it would be hot.  But the response has been even better than we expected.   So we’ve iterated on it and made MicroTargeting even more powerful.

Here’s how to take advantage of it:

Step 1) Order your users in our App Intelligence Dashboard.  Here’s a post we wrote about great new ways to order your users so you can identify and target the most valuable ones.  You can choose users with the highest Socialize Score (our proprietary algorithm), the most comments, the most recent users, among many other sorting factors.

Step 2) Send a MicroTargeted SmartAlert to that list: Now you can “Send SmartAlert to User list,” which will allow you to compose a SmartAlert for the users you just ordered!

Here's the type of thing you can do with MicroTargeting

Here’s another example where we’ve ordered by the users who have made the most comments:

Thanking users who have made the most comments in the app

Each user will get a push notification to their phone.  To see a live example of how MicroTargeting works (including the receipt of a SmartAlert on a phone), take a look at the video we made for Formstack poll-based MicroTargeting.

To get started with MicroTargeting, just register for an account with Socialize, add our iOS or Android SDK to your new or existing app, implement SmartAlerts (here are instructions for iOS or Android), and you’ll be ready to take advantage of this powerful way to greatly increase user re-engagement in your app.

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