What’s a music lover gotta do to indulge themselves around here? Not much, really. Just download the FanTastic Top Artists app and you’ll have virtually every music artist—and over 20,000,000 song previews—in the palm of your hand.

Powered by last.fm, this iOS app features a weekly Top 100 list, letting you browse the hottest artists and listen to their newest songs as well as your favorites. And your fanaticism doesn’t have to end there. Check out photos, tweets, YouTube videos, and even stay up to date on concert dates and venues. So you can follow your favourite bands wherever they go! (It’s not stalking…it’s fandom.) You can also buy songs and albums straight from iTunes.

With the Socialize SDK installed, music lovers everywhere can connect through the app’s commenting feature, “like” their favorite artists and see which ones are most popular. The FanTastic app has placed the Socialize Action Bar on every artist’s page, making each artist an individual entity. Now the developers can track the statistics for each artist—how many comments, likes and shares they get—and see which artists are bringing in new downloads by having their content shared to users’ existing social networks.

And if you can’t find the Socialize Action Bar as you may know it in the screenshots below, that’s because this app has customized the features so they’re perfectly flush with the app’s original design. The view counter, “like” and comment buttons are in the middle of the screen on each artist’s page.

We’re big fans of this app! And not just because we love a good pun (clearly). Fancy yourself a music lover? Download the app here.

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