Whether you’re from Dayton, Ohio or just keeping tabs on what goes on there, the Dayton Daily News app for Android ensures you won’t miss a single thing.

The Dayton Daily News is Dayton’s largest newspaper, with up-to-date coverage of everything that’s happening around the city. Having now implemented Socialize, readers can like their favorite articles, engage in lively discussions with each other through the commenting feature, and spread the news even faster by sharing it to their social networks.

Andy Rowe, who developed the app, says:

“We’re approaching 1000 users in our first month and there’s sure to be more with our shiny new implementation of Socialize and their drop-in simple social platform!”

And with each social action (and the resulting downloads) being tracked, he now has access to valuable granular data through the Socialize App Intelligence Dashboard. Andy goes on to add:

“Socialize is definitely interesting window into how people are using my Android app.”

Stay on top of everything Dayton, Ohio and download the Dayton Daily News Android app here.

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