Meat lovers need not apply! Embark on a culinary world tour, of the vegetarian persuasion, with the I’m Hungry: Vegetarian Recipes Android app. Filled with hundreds of hand-picked recipes, app users can enjoy meat-free dishes from Indian, American, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, Middle Eastern (and more) cuisine.

Now that the app has been Socialized, even more veggie aficionados will be able to enjoy the recipes it offers. Socialize features allow users to like, comment on and share each recipe to their social networks, promoting the app to potential users who otherwise would not have come across it. The SmartDownload System works on the developer’s behalf to make sure each social action is optimized to boost downloads. Every time a user shares a comment or recipe (which happens automatically once authentication enables global posting), the shared post includes several links to a tailored entity page that encourages the user to download the app for themselves. Which means more healthy, delicious vegetarian dishes being cooked the world over. Needless to say, we’re sure the farm animals of the world approve of this app.

Check out the screenshots below, and download tonight’s yummy vegetarian dinner for yourself here.

Main Menu

Choose a recipe

Touch to flip to recipe instructions and like, comment on and share

Authenticate to post to Facebook and Twitter and enable automatic posting

Share recipe through Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS

Any share (here through email) includes link to SmartDownload page

SmartDownload page, with prompts to download app

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