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We’re pulling back the covers just a bit to show you what’s coming next from Socialize.

The power of social actions to massively boost app installs and app re-engagement is something we’ve been passionate about since before we launched version 1.0 of Socialize last November.

Now it’s becoming clearer to everyone, with several apps greatly boosting their install bases by wrapping social actions around their content.  In the case of Instagram, the “entity” (to use our vocabulary) is an image.  For SocialCam and Viddy, the entities are videos.  For Netflix, the entities are movies. For Spotify, the entities are songs. The Washington Post has created entities out of articles with its Social Reader app.

All these apps are working on the same premise: Wrap social functionality around an entity and then turn those social actions into social objects that act as ‘hooks’ to bring in new users, greatly boosting installs. As Michael Siebel the CEO SocialCam said in this article, ”Our integration with Facebook has been ridiculously powerful. Users can share the videos they’re viewing on Socialcam, and that has been huge for us.”

What the companies above have done as individual apps, Socialize has created as a drop-in platform.  Our social API and SDKs allow you to get access to the huge benefits of wrapping social actions around your content without any of the work required to figure out how to do it, providing an insanely easy way to turbo charge your installs and user engagement levels.  We also provide deep functionality to boost user engagement, like SmartAlerts, MicroTargeting by entity or user, Form and Poll-based MicroTargeting, and identifying, targeting and rewarding your most valuable users. Not all users are created equal — some are more valuable than others.  Now you can treat the most valuable users differently from everyone else.

Over 270 Apps Already Live with Socialize SDK, Powering over 1.5 Million Social Actions per Month

Over 270 apps are already live with the Socialize SDK with another 1,000 apps auth’d and pending, and Socialize is now powering over 1.5 million social actions per month. Developers who implement Socialize are seeing up to a 551% boost in installs and a 316% increase in user re-engagement.

But we’re just getting started.  Here’s a sneak peek into what’s coming next from Socialize:  Giving your app the ability to expertly leverage the open graph.  

For mobile app developers, an app’s content often does not live outside of the app.  There’s no corresponding web page for each entity (whether that be a movie, an article, a product, a song, etc.).  That’s a problem, because in order to take advantage open graph, you need to have what’s known as an object page.  The app’s content must live somewhere on the web.  Even if you do already have a web-based version of your app’s content, it’s unlikely that the web page is set up to optimize new installs of your app.

SmartDownload pages for social actions around a MoviePal entity (top) and 4Sync (bottom)

Socialize has already solved the first part of this problem with our SmartDownload system.  We create a unique web page for each and every social action made around any entity in your app.  Each of these pages has its own SmartURL.  For example, here’s the SmartDownload page for a comment on an entity in the MoviePal app, and here’s the SmartDownload page for a comment on an image from the 4Sync app (screenshots at right).

As you’ve probably already guessed, it’s not a huge leap to create an object page from the SmartDownload page, sostay tuned to see more of what’s coming.  Dropping Socialize into your app just became even more of  of a no-brainer.

To get started with Socialize just download our SDK, register with our platform and then authenticate your app with the consumer secret and consumer public keys you’ll get from us.  Dropping the SDK into your app takes as little as five minutes if you use our ActionBar, or you can customize the implementation as much as you like.

If you want to beta test this new functionality in your app, we’d love to hear from you. Just fill out the interest form below.

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