Want to raise your app's rating? Socialize can help.

Every app developer wants to have a better rating in their app, but it’s hard to identify the people most likely to rate your app positively and encourage them to do so.

SmartAlert MicroTargeting from Socialize makes this process far easier.  Here’s how:

Your most active users are the ones most likely to give your app a solid rating and review.  The first step is to identify who those most active users are.  Socialize lets you do that in your app intelligence dashboard.  Here, for example, we’ve identified “Mike S.” as an active user of the CouponCloset app by his user rating of 64 (normalized on a scale with a max score of 100):

First, identify power users of your app using Socialize

The next step is to ask these power users of your app to rate it.  That part is easy using MicroTargeted alerts.  You can also include the URL of your app’s app store or marketplace page, to make it easy for the user.  When you send this SmartAlert, the user will get a push notification with your message and the link you specify:

Ask your power users to rate your app

That’s all there is to it! Leverage the power of Socialize, SmartAlerts and MicroTargeting to encourage your most passionate users to rate and review your app.

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