We’ve been getting some fantastic reports from Socialize app developers telling us how Socialize has increased app downloads and engagement.  Here are a few highlights that we’ve heard recently.

Nexercise: +551% Install Boost, +103% Impressions, +114% Comments & Likes!

Nexercise is a fitness + gamification app that implemented Socialize in its latest release.  CEO Ben Young said “Just in the few days we have released with Socialize our user engagement has increased 103%. I’m very stoked about the possibilities.”  And when Nexercise implemented SmartAlerts, they saw a 114% boost in comments and likes. Using Socialize, Nexercise allows users to engage with its app more deeply through a very tight Socialize integration.

Here are screenshots of the Nexercise app with Socialize:

Socialize implementation in Nexercise Socialize implementation in Nexercise Socialize implementation in Nexercise

And here are screenshots of Nexercise’s SmartAlerts integration:

Socialize implementation in Nexercise Socialize implementation in Nexercise Socialize implementation in Nexercise Socialize implementation in Nexercise

IBEX Droid: 316% Increase in Impressions and 257% Increase in Revenue

Hector Sala, the developer of the popular IBEX Droid app, a finance app for the Spanish stock market, reported recently that adding Socialize into his app increased impressions by 316% and boosted revenue by 257%.  ”I implemented Socialize on Sept 20th, 2011 and between September and October revenue increased by 257%, and by February 2012 I made 78% more revenue than October 2011.”  Hector continued, “Users are spending much more time in my app and are viewing many more pages, so impressions are increasing a lot and that is providing more revenue from my ad networks.  Before the Socialize implementation, users only checked one or two stocks each time they opened the app, but now they are checking 9-10 stocks per visit, looking for comments and for sharing information through Socialize.”  Hector also mentioned that his users are loving the Socialize’s SmartAlerts functionality.

IBEX Droid Socialize Case Study

CouponCloset: 120% Increase in Impressions

CouponCloset is an Android couponing app that implemented Socialize just before last holiday season’s Black Friday.   Developer Samir Mirza says that Black Friday traffic was huge, and they’ve also seen a 120% impression gain from Socialize in the months since. “Socialize contributed to a 120% increase in impressions for Coupon Closet.  I know the users actively use it to share and post comments and it is a great fit for our apps.” We look forward to seeing how much of a boost CouponCloset gets with Twitter & SmartAlerts integration, which is coming.

SuperSpyCamera+ and AwesomeWallpaper: Large boost in installs

Dugin Kim has integrated Socialize into several high-download apps, including Super Spy Camera, Full HD Wallpaper and AwesomeWallpaper. He said, “Our installations and impressions skyrocketed after we implemented Socialize!”

AwesomeWallpaper Socialize Case Study

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