Disposable coffee cups are more than just paper and plastic and a lipstick stains and “Careful! Contents are hot!” warnings (duh) so people don’t sue when they spill all over themselves. They’re also a vehicle for fun and games!

If you’ve ever been to Canada, you’re surely familiar with the Tim Hortons coffee shop franchise, since, well, there’s one on every street corner. And if you were around during “Roll up the Rim” time—where you roll up the rim of your coffee cup to reveal a prize (free donut, free coffee, free car) or not (“please play again”)—then the Roll Up the Cup 2.0 app needs no introduction.

Harnessing the Canada-wide addiction to peeling back coffee lids and reaping the benefits, Roll Up the Cup 2.0 lets iPhone users roll up virtual coffee cup rims for prizes. Play for virtual coffees and donuts, rack up points in loonies and even win gift cards to Tim Hortons (of course), Starbucks and other fine coffee-dispensing establishments.

And of course, this wouldn’t be an app showcase entry if Roll Up the Cup 2.0 didn’t implement Socialize to give their app a social layer. Now players can connect with each other and compete for best roller. Check out the screenshots below to see lots of activity in the comments. And you’ll notice, so as not to interfere with the app’s interface, the Socialize Action Bar has been placed at the top. So players can like, comment on and share any entities within the app, while still being able to easily navigate to the “Prizes”, “Store”, and “More” sections.

We’re pumped to be a part of this Canadian classic! Download the app here, and to implement Socialize in your own app, download the SDK.

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