Socialize <3 MobileX, and we just can’t stay away! In March, Socialize CEO Daniel Odio gave a keynote at the Cincinnati MobileX conference, and then last week Sean Shadmand, co-founder and president of Socialize, gave a keynote at the Lexington MobileX conference. We’re looking forward to whatever mobile events MobileX throws next!

Sean’s keynote, titled “Shaping your mobile revolution,” details his history working at, and then starting technology companies in both San Francisco, CA and Washington, DC.  Sean discusses the problem Socialize is solving and he encourages the audience to think like revolutionaries.   Here’s a video of the keynote, with his slides below:

MobileX KeyNote

Sean also gave a talk about mobile advertising, titled “Neo Ads.” Here’s the video:

The MobileX team takes good care of their speakers! After the event, they took Sean to a horse race (what else!) in Lexington. Here are some great pictures from the event and the race:

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