Have you always viewed coconuts as more foe than friend? Sure, their water is deliciously refreshing and—if Gilligan’s Island has taught us anything—they make great radios. But for all you know, they’re just waiting up there in those trees to fall smack on your head. Well, now you can get your sweet revenge.

With the Coconut Hunter app for iOS, you can slash coconuts left and right with the simple swipe of the tip of your finger. Take out falling coconuts before they hit the ground and grow into brand new coconut trees. But make sure you don’t hit any green coconuts! Those babies (literally) will freeze your screen and end the game…forever. Or until you load a new one.

With the addition of Socialize, you can chat with other players and share your activity to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. So everyone knows who the baddest coconut hunter in all the land is. Check out the screenshots below to see the game in action, on an iPad.

Ready to show those palm trees what you’re made of? Download the Coconut Hunter app here.

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