Our SmartDownload system just got smarter, and it’s your app that’ll benefit!  We’ve added a layer of customization to the SmartDownload system.

In the video below, Socialize president Sean Shadmand walks you through what’s new in our App Intelligence Dashboard, including the following new features & functionality:

  • Custom CSS: Make your SmartDownload page look the way you want it to.  Here’s an example of a MoviePal SmartDownload page for an entity called TheHobbit.  The page is set up with a lot of classes & IDs with no inline style, giving you total control.
  • Custom HTML Modules: Add in any HTML you’d like in a left and right content widget.
  • Advanced Settings:  Re-route the referrals that come from external sites.  Forward actions to a specific page, such as an action coming from Facebook.  Socialize automatically adds an entity ID if the action comes from an entity page.  You can also choose to the user directly to the Apple or Android store (when possible).  You can configure desktop settings separately from mobile settings.
  • Deep Link with App URL Schema Settings:  For example, use “fb://” to open Facebook’s native application if the user clicks “open app” within the SmartDownload page on the device.  Learn more in the video about registering your device with a service to create custom app URL schema settings.  We pass the entity ID in with the URL so you can use an entity loader to deep link into the app.

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