We won’t pretend to know a lick of Urdu, but we can honestly say we’re beyond excited the Urdu News app knows Socialize!

With the Action Bar placed on each individual article, they become their own entities that can be shared, liked, commented on and tracked on the developer, PakData’s, App Intelligence Dashboard. Every social action that takes place in, from and around the app gets tracked, along with statistics on each user’s activities. The most active users—the ones sharing, commenting and bringing in the most downloads through their social networks—are easily identified and able to be microtargeted to further encourage their loyalty to the app.

All the while, each time a comment or entity is shared, the SmartDownload System works to drive installs. Check out the screenshots below, where the user is prompted to download the app for iOS by clicking on the link contained in the SMS share. The SmartDownload system can tell that the user is on an iOS device—and forwards them directly to the App Store to download the app for themselves.

And for the latest from Urdu News, download the app here.

App newsfeed

Article as entity with Action Bar

Commenting system powered by Socialize

Socialize user profile (without authentication)

Share via email and SMS (this app does not include the Twitter and Facebook sharing features)

Share via SMS

Share via SMS, complete with link to download page

Shared link leads to download page, tailored to device it is being viewed on

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