T’was the weeks before Christmas, and all through the land, everyone was rushing to get their updates in users’ hands…

At least that’s the app developer’s version.

"You mean some people take the holidays OFF?"

The Christmas season is stressful for many reasons—last minute shopping, an ever-depleting bank account balance, and Aunt Bernice’s detailed analysis of your love life and/or career path. But when you’re developing iOS apps, Christmas Day becomes an altogether different deadline.

Stockings were filled with Apple products all over the globe this holiday season which, for developers, means getting app updates released—and approved—in time for Christmas is crucial. To make sure all those proud new iOwners download your app, you’ve got to make sure it’s App Store ready and in perfect working order before good ol’ December 25th. A report by Bloomberg TV takes a look at the pre-Christmas rush, with a few thoughts from Socialize CTO Isaac Mosquera on why getting your app rejected might just be a blessing in disguise (plot twist!).

Check out the video below for a look at Christmas chaos, developer styles. And if just you can’t wait to see Isaac’s smiling face, fast forward to 1:09.

And make to bring your app into 2012 by downloading Socialize’s SDK here.


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