Attention all Comi-Con attendees, going-to-attendees and thinking-about-attendees for 2013: before you order that Iron Man costume or start drafting your Olivia Munn proposal, there’s one thing you need to do. Download the official Comi-Con iOS app! Having been featured in this year’s official Comi-Con app, Socialize wants to make sure you’re all set for next year too.

With fresh maps for 2012 and live updates for sessions and exhibitors, this app is all anyone needed to navigate Comi-Con (as well as WonderCon and APE in October) so they didn’t—and don’t—miss a thing. We bet this year’s app users had so many autographs, paraphernalia and tidbits of insider knowledge by the end of the week, they’ll be all set through 2012 and ready for next summer. And with the app’s social layer, powered by Socialize, they’ll have made a few extra buddies they can talk shop with.

Meanwhile, Comi-Con can see which exhibits, guest appearances and events were generating the most buzz. Programs and special guests were turned into entities by implementing the Action Bar and wrapping social actions around them. In turn, each like, comment and share is tracked and analyzed on the app developer’s App Intelligence Dashboard. Here, they can see which entities had the most social actions, which shares brought in the most downloads and who the most active (and valuable) users are. With these kinds of deep, detailed statistics on the app and users, Comi-Con can tell exactly what people want and make next year’s event better than ever.

Check out the screenshots below to see how Comi-Con has been Socialized. And to download the official Comi-Con app, click .

App Splash Screen

Special Guest as Entity

Comment on entity, and share comments

See activity by user

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