We’ve been welcomed to the family! Developer Chimani’s family of National Parks apps. And we couldn’t be more pumped to have a part in bringing mobile, social and the great outdoors together.

Chimani recently updated the app for Yellowstone Park, and one of those updates included the addition of Socialize. In his blog, he describes integrating the Socialize community and encourages app users to join in. The Socialize Action Bar can be found on many places throughout the app—sunrise and sunset forecasts, pages included in tours of the park—allowing outdoorsmen and park lovers alike to connect over and share their park experience with their friends.

For Chimani, this means he can see what content in the app drives the most activity and keep giving users what they like. Wherever the Action Bar is placed makes that piece of content an entity, so each social action can be tracked for that entity individually. And if Socialize is implemented in each Chimani National Parks app, it will be easier than ever to see which parks generate the most activity, and why.

Check out the screenshots below for a look into the Yellowstone National Parks app with Socialize. And click on any (or all!) of the links to download this app, and the rest of the Chimani National Parks apps.


Rocky Mountain


Great Smoky Mountains

Grand Canyon

Cuyahoga Valley


Cape Cod


Yellowstone app homepage

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Authenticate through Facebook and Twitter

Like, comment on and share through the Action Bar

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