It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time when Quarter Pounders, Frappuccinos and spicy tuna rolls didn’t exist. And not only did people not collapse from caffeinated-whipped-cream-deficiency, they walked for miles gathering berries and fought of sabre-toothed tigers with their bare hands (we can only assume)! Um, we’ll have what they’re having?

If you fancy trying out the diet of our fore-fore-forefathers, check out the Primal Feed app. It’s available for both iOS and Android, and features everything you need to know about maintaining a primal lifestyle, like paleo nutrition and high-intensity exercise. In no time, you’ll have a sleek prehistoric bod and be able to outrun a woolly mammoth. Hey, they’re coming back—don’t say we didn’t warn you.

With Socialize now implemented, you can like and comment on your favorite articles to swap tips with app users and ask questions about maintaining the proper primal lifestyle. Then share your comments and posts of your choosing to Facebook and Twitter, or through email. Nothing like an article on the merits of eating raw fruits and veggies to shame that Facebook friend who just wolfed down a Big Mac! Did we say shame? We meant help—chances are he’ll see that post and download the app himself. You do-gooder, you.

You can download the Primal Feed app for both iOS and Android. And grab the Socialize SDK to make your own app social (and bring in more installs) here.

App Splash Screen

Article w/Action Bar

Article in iPad Version

Socialize-Powered Comments in iPad

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