Take away our shoelaces and throw us in a padded room, because we—and the rest of the world—have incurable Linsanity! And now there’s an app for that.

This Harvard-degree-toting basketball machine is an unstoppable force, and now you can keep up with him via the Jeremy Lin: Asian-American Basketball Phenom app for iPhone. Check out the latest Jeremy Lin news, see what everyone’s saying about him on Twitter, and watch videos of him in action.

And now that this app has been newly Socialized, you can spread the Linsanity through your Facebook, Twitter and email. See which articles and photos are most popular with the Action Bar’s view counter, “like” your favorite content and chat with others who are cray-cray for Lin in the comments. The more active users are, the more granular information gets posted to the app developer’s Socialize App Intelligence Dashboard. And the more they’ll be able to know what you like, and keep giving you more of it. And the viral loop goes ’round and ’round.

Like we said, there’s no cure for Linsanity. Just give in—and download the app here.

App Splash Screen

Action Bar at Bottom

Comment Stream

Location-Aware Commenting

Share Through Facebook and Email (Twitter and SMS available now)

User Profiles are Populated Upon Authentication

See User Activity

Make a Comment w/Location

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