Is your Android looking a little tired lately? Has it lost its sparkle from when you first got it and were simply enamored with having a shiny new device to play with? No worries. Just give it a little makeover with the FullHD Wallpaper app, which has now been Socialized.

Search from among thousands of high quality images straight from the app to find just what you’re looking for. Like celebrities, scenery, animals, cars, or really good-looking people (see screenshot below).

With Socialize implemented, you can now like your favorite images, comment on each one and share them with any friends whose phones have also lost their lustre. The Action Bar has been installed to appear on each individual image, to make for easy sharing and interaction within the app.

For the app developer, Banana, this also means each image has become its own entity. They can track the social actions of every single image being viewed, so they know what type of wallpapers generate the most buzz. Even the app itself is an entity because the Action Bar is on the homepage. Likes, shares and comments are tracked and displayed in Socialize App Intelligence Dashboard so Banana can stay on top of everything that’s going on inside their app.

So does your phone need a facelift? Download the FullHD Wallpaper app here and give your Android a makeover.

FullHD Homepage w/Action Bar

Wallpapaer Gallery w/Action Bar

Wallpaper can be liked, shared, commented on.

Wallpaper displayed on device.

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