While we in no way condone breaking the law or avoiding due punishment (of course!), we definitely condone installing the Socialize SDK into your app. So this post pretty much evens itself out, right?

The Police Traps and Speed Cams Android app gives you the inside scoop on known police traps, speed cameras, accidents and parking warden hotspots courtesy of other app users. Spare your wallet (and driving record) of future tickets by knowing exactly where the traps are lurking thanks to your fellow app mates!

User camaraderie is further encouraged with a chat room powered by the Socialize commenting feature. Able to talk to each other within the app itself, then share those comments to their social networks, a community builds around the app to increase user engagement and drive new installs. Every time a social action—be it a like, comment or share—is taken, it promotes the app by linking to an entity page that showcases the app, its activity, and where users can download it themselves.

And for all the Android-using leadfoots (leadfeet?) out there, download the Police Traps and Speed Cams app for yourselves here.

App itself an entity with Action Bar

Police locations an entity with Action Bar too

Share entities through Facebook, email and SMS

Comment thread powered by Socialize

Comment and automatically subscribe to thread through SmartAlerts to receive push notifications

Authenticating also triggers global posting, so each social action from then on is posted to social networks

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