Have you ever wanted a really small, shiny, rectangular guitar that has all of your friends’ phone numbers in it? We’re talking about your phone. Your phone is now a guitar.

This is probably one of the coolest uses of a touch screen we’ve seen in a while. The Guitar! HD app takes your regualar ol’ iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and turns it into a tiny handheld guitar! Mimicking its string-and-wood brethren, the Guitar! HD app lets you play chords A through Gm so you can rock out 2012 style. The sounds were recorded in a professional recording studio so they’re guaranteed to be crisp and in tune.

What’s cool about this Socialize implementation is that the app itself has been made into an entity. Users can like, comment on and share the app to their social networks while the developer track each social action that occurs in their App Intelligence Dashboard.

Check out the comments in the screenshots below to see how the Guitar! HD community has sparked a conversation within the app. And download the app to join them here.

Phone Becomes Guitar!

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