We need not be slaves to our Wi-Fi connection! At least when it comes to watching videos on the web (other circumstances are yet to be conquered). The Viz app for Android lets you download videos from the web’s most popular sites and watch them regardless of having an active Internet connection.

A built-in browser lets you download videos to watch them whenever you want. Just hit the “Play” tab and watch them right there. Everything happens inside the app—including Socializing!. With the Action Bar installed on the Play tab, each video becomes its own entity so it can be individually shared. Then, when that video is shared to the user’s social networks (something that is automatically enabled when the user authenticates through Facebook or Twitter) it promotes the app as the source of content. The SmartDownload System works to showcase each piece of content in the app to encourage downloads. So every time a user shares a funny video, it’s like free publicity for the app.

Check out the screenshots below to see Socialize in action. And to download the Viz app for yourself, click here.

Video source menu

Select from latest videos

Download video to watch and share (share feature installed individually without other Action Bar features)

Share through Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS

Shared here through SMS

When viewed on a device, shared link either directs you to download app or continue to content

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