Movie buffs unite! Especially now that they can all find each other through the Socialize-enabled MoviePal app.

Described as the “Shazam for movies”, MoviePal lets you log and learn about a particular movie—we’re talking movie details, show times, release dates—simply by listening to a few seconds of the trailer.

As if the idea that your phone morphs into a miniature IMDB isn’t cool enough, tagging a movie gives you reminders about when it comes out, gives you rating, show times, and even lets you buy tickets straight from the app. Beyond this, you can also discover new movies by searching hundreds of trailers within the app, and browsing recommendations for movies to watch now on iTunes and Netflix.

Now that Socialize has been implemented, movie buffs and trailer junkies alike can connect with one another through the app’s social layer. Furthermore, they can share trailers they just tagged, favorite recommendations, and conversations they’re having inside the app, out to their social networks, introducing the app to their friends. The Action Bar has been integrated to make each trailer an individual entity, so the developer can track the social actions of every trailer logged, and see what content, activity and users are bringing in the most downloads.

With all of the crazy press this app is getting (click here and here for a taste), we’re thrilled that MoviePal has chosen to include Socialize in its success. And can’t wait to see that success skyrocket with users now able to promote the app and drive new installs through their social activity.

You can download MoviePal here to be part of the (lights! camera!) action. Or, for more information, check out MoviePal’s own little “trailer” here.

Splash Screen

Friends' Favorites

Tag Trailers for Movie Info

Share Content via Multiple Channels

Chat With Fellow Movie Lovers

Track Your Activity Stream

Join the Conversation with Location-Aware Commenting

Buy Tickets Straight from the App

Post to Facebook to Share the Trailer with Your Friends as an Entity

From Facebook, Friends Can Visit That Entity as a Web Page

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