Heads up, spiritual Socializers. If you’re looking for a daily dose of wisdom, brought to you in style, look no further than the Photo-Verse app for iOS. Updated with a different bible verse every day, this app goes beyond your usual Bible quotes app by accompanying the verse with a beautiful and relevant photo. It’s inspiration, specially served, to keep you grounded and remembering the important things in life.

Of course, there’s no reason to keep the good word to yourself! The Socialize features contained in the Action Bar on every verse turn each one into its own entity that can be liked, commented on and shared to social networks as well as through email and SMS. Not only does this share the app and its content with people who otherwise may never have come across it, it gives the developer powerful insight into the app, its users and their activity through the App Intelligence Dashboard. Which means more knowledge about what’s working for the app, and more giving you and other users what you like.

Meanwhile, the app’s many SmartDownload pages (each tailored to the way the entity was shared and how the viewer is accessing it) ensure that the app’s content is optimized to spark more downloads. Here’s an example.

Take a look at the screenshots below for a glimpse of Socialize in action. And to download the Photo-Verse app for yourself, click here.

App Splash Screen

Verse as entity with Action Bar

Verse as entity with Action Bar

Commenting system powered by Socialize (along with sharing, liking and view counter

SmartDownload Page for the app, shared with each comment and share

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