Calling all Titanium developers!  (Well at least those interested in beta testing)

The Socialize + Titanium Action Bar is now in beta for iOS apps.  Download the Github repo here.  Instructions are below.  Please post all issues and feedback on our Titanium support forum.  We monitor it religiously.

PS – Android devs:  We’re not quite as far along, but if you want to contribute to the Titanium + Android project, mouse on over to the Github repo here.

Socialize + Titanium iOS Instructions:

  • Get an account and install Titanium from Appcelerator
  • Register as a Socialize developer (so you can get auth keys from us)
  • Visit the GitHub repo for the rest of the steps:
  • Run TitaniumStudio once so that the updated SDK is downloaded
  • Clone the repository
  • git submodule update –init
  • edit the toplevel Makefile and make sure TITANIUM_SDK_VERSION is correct
  • make run
  • If all is successful, you should see an example app with the Socialize Action Bar
  • Check out example/app.js to see the javascript code for the example app

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