There’s more to photo editing apps than applying different filters that showcase your life in varying shades of sepia. The Lab app for Android lets you add different frames, effects, colors, animations and even let you turn yourself and your friends into a pirate, a monkey, a knight, a…well, you get the point. Basically, you can do pretty much anything you want to your photos with the 555 effects in this super fun app.

Having recently implemented Socialize, each photo masterpiece is now its own entity that can be liked, commented on and shared. This is not only great for the users—a rendering of yourself as Jack Sparrow is something that deserves Facebook recognition—but gives the developer insight into their app that would otherwise have remained untapped. Every time a social action is taken, it’s tracked on the developer’s App Intelligence Dashboard to give them complete transparency into what’s working for their app. The most popular photo effects, most active users, which shares are attracting the most new users, and more, are all on display for the developer to use.

Check out the screenshots below to see Socialize in action, and to download the Lab app for yourself, click here.

Main Menu

Photo effect as entity with Action Bar

Authenticate through Facebook and Twitter when liking and commenting

Commenting thread powered by Socialize

Comment to join the conversation and post your comment to social networks

Comment posted in app

SmartDownload Page linked to with each share

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