As recently reported by TechCrunch, Socialize has begun to provide creative solutions in the mobile advertising space to app developers and large brands.  One side effect of this growth is that beyond scaling to over 1.3 billion API requests per month for our core social platform, we are also evaluating over 20 billion ad impressions per month while finding and bidding on the impressions most likely to provide value for our clients in real-time, and interpolating proprietary targeting data to optimize results.

All of this takes a massive infrastructure lift, and we rely on Splunk to help us do it.

Our CTO Isaac Mosquera will be speaking at the SplunkLive! conference on Tuesday, December 4th about how we use Splunk in progressive ways to manage this infrastructure growth.

Here’s more about SplunkLive — hope you can join us.

“Splunk takes your machine data and makes sense of it. Business sense. IT sense. Security sense. Common sense. Only Splunk delivers real-time visibility and operational insights for IT and the business.  Learn how more than 4,400 enterprises, service providers and government organizations in 80+ countries use Splunk to manage massive streams of machine data to improve service levels, reduce IT operations costs, mitigate security risks, and drive new levels of operational intelligence across IT and the business.”

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