Listen up, soccer fans—if you haven’t already, you might want to look into picking up some French. Because the PSGInfos iOS app is chock-full of all the information, updates and player details of the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club. And apparently there’s lots of exciting stuff to catch up on!

Continually updated with breaking information, this app has everything you need to know about current and upcoming seasons. Check out the latest news, a calendar breakdown of 11-12 season games, transfers, interesting videos, and even the “Infirmirie”section which lets you know which players are out, injured, etc (indeed, this app is painfully detailed). You can also send a message directly to the app developer, David Chelly, with the app’s Post Message tab.

Now that the Socialize SDK has been implemented, users can connect with each other each news article, transfer announcement, video and more, with the ability to like, share and comment on each entry (there’s probably more trash talking than “connecting” going on, but hey, nothing like sports rivalries to get users fired up)! For David, this means every entry is an entity, giving him granular statistics on each article in his app. Every social action—for the entity, the users, and the app itself—is broken down in his App Intelligence Dashboard, so he can see which content is driving the most activity, which users are most active, and so on.

Access to this type of deep, insightful information also allows David to go one step further in ensuring his most active users stay loyal and connected to the app. By microtargeting his most valuable users, he can identify and acknowledge them by giving them special updates, offers, or simply message them directly through the SmartAlerts system. After all, who doesn’t like to know they’re appreciated?

Check out the screenshots below to see how Socialize has been implemented into the PSGInfos app. And to snag the app yourself, click here.

PSG News

Sharing with Socialize

Comment thread, powered by Socialize

User's personal activity stream

Videos tab

11-12 Season Updates

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