Sometimes people just never get around to cleaning out the clutter, and that goes for the law books too. So why not have a little fun with it? The Stupid Laws the Facts! app for iOS compiles all of the silly, hilarious and ridiculously crazy laws from the USA and around the world to deliver chuckles right to your phone.

The developer has implemented the Socialize Action Bar in such a way that makes each US state and international country its own entity. The app is divided up into these categories, with tons of funny laws to flip through associated with each location. This allows the developer to track the app’s performance based on these categories and see which state or country’s laws generate the most activity so they can spend future time and resources giving their adoring public what they want. This also lets users share more content with each social action—each time a user shares from the app, they’re sharing that entire category. More content shared = more to draw new users in = more overall downloads.

Check out the screenshots below to see how Socialize has been implemented. And to download the Stupid Laws the Facts! app for yourself, click here.

Laws categorized by location

Laws with Action Bar, but category is shared

Comment thread powered by Socialize

Authenticate to post to Facebook and Twitter

Share posted to Facebook with link to entity page

Entity page with links to download as accessed by shared post

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