Regular walking has gotten a little dull, no? Point A to point B. Yawn.

In our opinion, it could use a little mystery. Maybe some treasure. And some little green men wouldn’t hurt. Good thing someone (we’re looking at you, F5 tbl) came up with TrailHit, a stupendously awesome location-based real world treasure hunt game for Android.

Which means your regular walking route gets a makeover as you find the elusive trail and restore the “Great Device”.

There’s a backstory to this game that’s a bit of a treasure hunt in itself—there are so many players and plot lines that following them was like searching for clues. But all we need to know is that it’s gotten a 4.8 rating from some very enthused users, and recently implemented Socialize to give it some extra oomph!

Now players can chat with each other to share tips, connect and even swap funny stories (like escaping the neighborhood dog…see screenshot below)! And our SmartAlerts feature lets them stay on top of their own and others’ activity with push notifications.

Socializing their app has gone so smoothly, we’ve been given a +1 by the developer:

“I just want to say that TrailHit for Android implemented Socialize and everything passed smooth and in a sec. For now, big +1 for Socialize.

Keep doing great job!”

You can download TrailHit here. Happy trails (and watch out for dogs)!

Little green men!

Set off on your trail

Look for treasure

Connect with other players

Be notified of player activity

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