From the same developer as Tips for Eden comes this handy-dandy guide to navigating each level of 100 Floors (we’ll take a stab in the dark and guess there are 100 of them?) in the form of Cheats for 100 Floors for iOS.

Forgoing the customized Action Bar developer Jonathan Brake designed specially for his Eden app, he’s installed liking, commenting and sharing on the main menu page, as well as the Walkthrough category and each separate tip for floors 1 – 100. Doing so turns each of these pieces of content into an entity that is tracked and analyzed on Jonathan’s App Intelligence Dashboard.

What does this mean for him? Well, while app users are enjoying his cheat tips, he’s enjoying the insight each one of their social actions is giving him into app performance and user activity. Not only can he see which cheats are generating the most buzz, what people are saying about the app and which shares are bringing in the most downloads, he can see who his most active (and therefore valuable) users are. From there, he can MicroTarget by sending them a personal message, link to exclusive content or promotional offer using the SmartAlerts feature. Straight from his dashboard.

Check out how Jonathan has implemented Socialize into one of his many apps in the screenshots below. And to download the app for yourself, click here.

Main menu page with Action Bar

Walkthrough category as entity

Tip as entity with Action Bar

Comment thread powered by Socialize

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