At Socialize, we clearly believe in the power of apps. But we also believe in the power of a good sale (that little “percent” sign is like a credit card lightning rod). Which is why we’re thrilled that the AppSales. Best Apps on Sale app for Android has recently implemented the Socialize SDK so more people can download awesome apps at a fraction of the price.

We’re also excited about the way they’ve installed Socialize. Jumping on the opportunities our completely customizable SDK offers, the developers have integrated the liking and commenting features alone to perfectly coincide with the app’s current UI. Their tailored version of the Action Bar has been installed on each individual app, allowing users to like their favorite sales, comment on them and share their comments through Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email. While they’re spreading the good cheer (for wallets everywhere), the developer gets granular statistics on each piece of content via their App Intelligence Dashboard. Information like which apps are most popular, which users are most active (leaving them ripe for MicroTargeting, which sounds much more predatory than it is) and where all of those new downloads are coming from.

Check out the screenshots below to see how the developer has seamlessly integrated the Action Bar into the app’s design. And to start hitting the bargains yourself, download the AppSales. Best Apps on Sale app here.

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