We’ve said before that Justin Bieber is taking over the world, but he might have some serious competition on his hands. From across the pond comes One Direction, a boy band juggernaut with a Beatles-esque following. A following that need not looking any further for their One Direction fix than the One Direction Gossip app for iOS.

Fans can catch up on the latest One Direction tweets, videos, photos and news with constantly updated content. They’ll never have to miss a beat of the goings-on of Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayne and Louis (so what if we just learned their names?) with the hottest news right at their fingertips. It’s one stop short of a One Direction IV. And much less invasive.

Taking full of advantage of the newly implemented Socialize features, they’ve turned the commenting system into a chat room so fans who are otherwise strangers can find each other to fawn and squeal with. They can also like their favorite content, and share that content, as well as their own comments, to their social networks.

Meanwhile, all the social activity happening around that content is tracked and delivered straight to the developer’s App Intelligence Dashboard, so they can see which content is most popular, what shares are triggering the most downloads and from where, and which users are the most active and valuable to them.

This information not only gives them deep insight into what’s working for their app, it allows them to MicroTarget those valuable users to acknowledge them and keep them loyal. For instance, they can send specific users a SmartAlert with a special update, link to concert ticket discounts, exclusive videos, whatever they think those users will enjoy.

Check out the screenshots below to see how Socialize has been implemented into the app. And if you’re jonesing for your own One Direction fix, download the app here.

Info on each member.

Share, comment on and like 1D tweets.

Join the chat room, like and share.

Track your activity in your Socialize profile.

Authenticate through Facebook and Twitter to fill out your app profile.

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