There’s no point in keeping a good joke to yourself, is there? Which is why the JOKES. app for iOS has installed the Socialize SDK, allowing users to connect and laugh with each other inside the app, favorite the best jokes and share their gut-busting discoveries (and the app itself) with all of their friends through Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS.

While users are swapping punchlines, the developer, Free Style, can measure which jokes are most popular through their App Intelligence Dashboard. They can also see which users are most active, which shares are bringing in the most downloads, how many comments, likes and shares each entity is generating, and more.

Meanwhile, a community is growing inside and around the app to engage users and keep them coming back. Facebook and Twitter authentication gathers information about each user to fill out their Socialize profile and puts a face on their social activity. And with global posting automatically turned on once a user authenticates, every time they share, like or make a comment, that action is posted to their social networks. Which means more publicity for the app’s content, more app downloads—and more laughs for their friends. Win win!

Check out the screenshots below to see how the Socialize SDK has been seamlessly integrated to fit with the app’s current UI and design scheme. And to download the JOKES app for yourself, click here.

Socialize features customized for app's design

Comment thread powered by Socialize

Join the conversation and share comments to Facebook and Twitter

Authenticate through Facebook and Twitter when sharing and commenting

Authentication automatically turns on global posting, so each social action is shared from then on

User profile with tracked activity

Authenticating automatically populates user profile

Share jokes (entities) through Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS

SmartDownload Page for the app itself

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