Blue = Live apps. Yellow = Pending apps (in test mode by developers; not yet live.) Imagine what will happen when the pending apps go live!

We’ve been busy here at Socialize!  We recently launched a new homepage to show off some of the live apps running Socialize.  We’re also thankful for the incredible developer support we’ve gotten, and we’re happy to report that over 2,000 app developers have downloaded our iOS & Android SDK over 7,500 times, authenticating over 1,000 apps with the Socialize social platform.

Socialize Is Now Powering 1 Million Social Actions Per Month (Comments, Likes, & Shares)

We now have over 12.3 million end users interacting with apps running Socialize.  We also just crossed over a significant threshold:  As of today, Socialize is now powering over 1 million social actions per month.  The Socialize executive team recently sat down to discuss how we’ve created a robust infrastructure to handle this growth.

When we first launched Socialize (just six months ago, tomorrow!), we believed that by “turning the lights on” in apps, we could help users connect who share common interests, even if they aren’t ‘friends.’  And that’s proven to be true — people greatly influence each other even when they aren’t ‘friends,’ because anyone who shares a common interest is influenced by others with that same interest.  We knew that an app is a container of users that all share a common interest and thought it was crazy that users can’t socialize with each other, both within the app and out to the web and social networks.

Socialize in National Parks apps by Chimani

That basic fact about human nature has allowed us to create a drop-in social platform that can predict user intent by mapping an interest graph across users and content. The initial implementation that app developers know and love is our Social API, represented as iOS and Android SDKs and packaged up as our Action Bar, which increases app installs by up to 551% & in-app engagement by up to 316%.

Our SmartDownload system in action: We turn social actions from app users into an app download page

But it gets better.  All users are not created equal:  Some users are much more valuable than others, and tools like SmartAlertsMicroTargeting of Entities & Users and our SmartDownload system let developers identify and reward active, loyal influencers in their apps for the first time.  Furthermore, by creating social objects from the social actions of users within apps, we’re able to use the enthusiasm of users in the app as a powerful marketing platform for the app.  Who better than passionate users to convince others to install & re-engage with the app?  Take a look here to see how we turn the comment of a user of the MoviePal app into an app download page.

But we have so much more coming.  Soon we’ll be announcing a major upgrade to our SDKs that we can’t wait to share with you, and new features that will make it even easier to ‘put the users of your app to work’ driving app installs and re-engagement.  If you haven’t yet joined the thousands of developers using Socialize, we encourage you to give it a try.  You can literally drop Socialize into your app in under five minutes, then spend as long as you’d like customizing it.  Hop on the Socialize freight train, make your app social, and experience the boost in app installs and re-engagement of existing users for yourself.

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