We never thought we’d be using the word “pimp” in one of our blog posts but the Pimp Your Body—Tattoo Catalog and Maker has proven us wrong. If you’re a walking human painting or new to the ink game, this iOS app will provide inspiration for your next (or first) tattoo.

Installing the Socialize Action Bar on the app’s homepage has turned the app itself into an entity with a view counter, like button, commenting and sharing features. Beyond building a community of tattoo aficionados around the app—connecting them and keeping them engaged with the app—it offers a means of promoting the app via the users themselves. Every time the app is shared or a comment is posted, the app’s SmartDownload page is spread throughout that user’s social networks (here’s an example of their entity page, shared through email without comment). And since the SmartDownload System is constantly working hard to make each share turn into a new download, there are going to be a lot more fine-looking heavily tattooed people out there soon!

See the Socialize implementation in the screenshots below, and if you fancy a little body art inspiration and illustration, download the Pimp Your Body—Tattoo Catalog and Maker app here.

Main page with Action Bar

Share through Facebook, email and SMS (Twitter available too)

Share via SMS

Authenticate through Facebook when sharing

Comment thread powered by Socialize

User profile tracking activity (prior to authentication)

Entity shared via email

Entity page as accessed through link from sharing

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