The idea of relaxing with a good puzzle is a little different in the smartphone age. With the Sunny Seeds Free app, users will curl up with a cup of tea and their iPhone on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The goal of the game is to leave the page free of any numbers. Users simply follow the hints to eliminate numbers as they go. The game can be played in two modes—Classic or Advanced—and comes with features like “Undo”, pausing and now, Socialize.

The Action Bar has been installed on the homepage to turn the entire app into its own entity that can be liked, commented on and shared. Users can share the app itself through Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS. They can also comment inside the app to connect with other players, and share those comments to their Facebook and Twitter wall. Each share contains a link to the app’s SmartDownloads Page, promoting the app and encouraging new downloads. Meanwhile, every social action is tracked for the developer to examine on their App Intelligence Dashboard.

Check out the screenshots below to see how Socialize has transformed this game into a social entity. And to download the Sunny Seeds app for yourself, click here.

Homepage with Action Bar

Share app through Facebook, email, Twitter and SMS

App shared on Facebook wall

Comment on app

Post comment to Facebook or Twitter

Comment posted in thread

Authenticating through Facebook or Twitter imports information to Socialize profile

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