Socialize has teamed up with Madrid Metro to give you a tour of the amazing Spanish city—on a budget! The Madrid Metro/Bus/Cercanius app for Android gives you up-to-date information on every bus route, Metro station and Cercanius commuter network to get you anywhere you want to go, on time, and without shelling out extra Euros for cab fare.

The Action Bar has been implemented to make the app itself an entity, so users can like, comment on and share the app as a whole to their friends through Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS. Every time someone shares the app or makes a comment—say, on a route they’re taking or where they’re heading to on the subway—the SmartDownload System posts the comment with a link to the app’s entity page to encourage new downloads. Which is great for the users who get to share with their friends, the developer who gets more app downloads, and the city of Madrid which will have less confused, lost people wandering around bumping into each other.

Heading to Madrid? Already live there? Download the Madrid Metro/Bus/Cercanias app for yourself.

Action Bar turns entire app into entity that can be shared, liked and commented on

Share app through Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email

App shared to Facebook wall

SmartDownload page linked to with each share

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