It seems every celebrity and their mother has a Twitter account (if a famous person has a thought and doesn’t tweet it, did it really happen?). And with many of them racking up millions of followers—and thousands of dollars per tweet through endorsements—it also seems people are really listening to what they have to say. But have you ever wondered just how influential your favorite and not-so-favorite celebs really are? Wonder no more!

Tracking and compiling celebrity Tweeters’ Klout scores, the Twouter Lite app for Android lets you know just how powerful they are in the Twittersphere. Read their latest tweets, see who they influence, who they’re influenced by and what they’re talking about. There’s also an in-app search feature so you can find any celebrity your little heart desires (though we’ll spare you the heartbreak and tell you now that Bill Murray is not one of them).

The Twouter developers, having recently implemented Socialize, can now track social actions around each Twitter user through the Action Bar. App users can like, comment on and share each celebrity’s Klout stats and information, making each celebrity Tweeter their own entity. And because these social actions, any downloads they’re triggering, and the reach of each user taking them is displayed in the developer’s App Intelligence Dashboard, they’ll be able to see which celebrities and users have the most clout within their app (woah…meta).

Check out the screenshots below for a run-through of what the Twouter Lite app with Socialize has in store. And to download the app yourself, head here.

Pick a celebrity, any celebrity...

Lady Gaga is one whopping entity.

Read celebrity tweets on the fly.

See who influences who.

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