We recently announced v2.0 of the Android Socialize SDK, and then an alpha release of iOS v2.0 SDK as well.  Version 2.0 of our SDK introduces a slew of new features which developers have been asking for since we launched version 1.0 late last year.

Now Android is back with v2.1 (which you can download here), complete with these awesome features:

  • Twitter posts are done directly from the client SDK
  • Developers can post photos to Twitter and Facebook via the SDK
  • Documentation updated with examples of posting photos to Twitter & Facebook
  • Sample app updated with examples of posting photos to Twitter & Facebook
  • Developers can create custom “like” buttons using v2.0 interfaces.  Examples in docs and sample app.
  • Developers can override default settings for posting to Twitter

Review The Code to Post Photos to Twitter

We wanted to dig into the improved photos aspect of the SDK for both Facebook & Twitter.  You can find the code here for posting photos to Facebook, and here for posting photos to Twitter.

This functionality allows you to really showcase the media in your app when a user is taking a social action via the Socialize platform.  And since it all works seamlessly together, a photo that you post out to Facebok or Twitter will also show up on our hosted SmartDownload page as well, further showcasing the app’s content, and using it as a hook to drive more installs of your app.

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