Want to know your fortune? Well lucky for you, that doesn’t have to involve a $6.99 per minute phone call or a visit to that part of town that also specializes in therapeutic “massage”. App developer FortuneFlux has swapped out the crystal ball for your trusty Android device with their newly Socialize-enabled app, FortuneReader.

Fortunes are fresh-baked daily so you’ll know just what’s in store for you Monday through Sunday. And in between dissecting your destiny, you’ll be able to browse through a series of jokes, funny sayings and famous quotes from Mark Twain (the human quote-gumball-machine) to Woody Allen. Once you’re a seasoned pro, take the Quote Quiz for bragging rights.

FortuneFlux tells us the “Socialize SDK integration was pretty smooth, and I love the Socialize features!” With the Socialize SDK now implemented in FortuneReader, you can “like” and comment on posts and interact with other fortune-seekers. You can also share your fortune and particularly thought-provoking or gut-busting quotes with your social networks, and see what content other users are checking out…since you clearly want to know everything. ;)

You can download the FortuneReader app for Android here. Below are a few screenshots for a taste of what you’ll get.



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