If bubble wrap has taught us anything, it’s that people have an insatiable desire to pop its namesake. And now they can do it as much as they want (without the added shipping costs!) with the app for Android.

The idea is simple—blast bubbles of the same color as yours with your finger, as they drop. The faster you shoot, the faster they drop. Feel free to skip levels if they’re too easy or hard for you.

With the installation of the Socialize SDK, the app itself has been turned into an App Intelligence Dashboard. There, they can see all of the activity that is happening in and around the app, along with which users are most active (and therefore valuable) to the app. Besides knowing how the app is performing, having access to these valuable users gives the developer the opportunity to reach out to them. SmartAlerts can be sent to those users with specific messages, promotional links, or special offers, microtargeting them to encourage app loyalty and drive more activity. It’s just one of the ways Socialize fosters the app-to-user connect to increase engagement and boost app installs.

Check out the screenshots below to see Bubble Drop’s Socialize implementation. And to download the game for yourself, click here.

App is the entity with Action Bar on main menu

Bubble Drop game

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