It’s the Rubik’s Cube of the smartphone era! Pixelated —The Color Puzzle for iOS is an addictive color-matching game that challenges you to fill the screen with a single color in a maximum number of moves. Start from either the corner or the middle, and choose your next move based on the predominate color around you. Wash, rinse and repeat until you’ve filled the screen with one color only—before you run out of moves. Bonus: you’ll be less inclined to hurl your iPhone at the wall in excited frustration than you are the hunk of plastic that is the classic Rubik’s Cube. Less drywall repair!

Like many of the other game apps that have implemented SocializeMinesweeper for example—Pixelated has placed the Action Bar on the main page of the app to turn the app itself into an entity. This makes it easy for users to share the game with their friends through Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS, accompanied by a comment (along the lines of “I’ve been playing this game for 3 SLEEPLESS DAYS.”) or sent along by itself through the sharing button. Meanwhile, the developers can see all of the social actions taking place around their app, along with which users are most active and which shares are bringing in the most downloads, conveniently laid out for them on their App Intelligence Dashboard. And clever ducks that they are, they also placed an Action Bar on the game rules so users can share the ropes with their buddies and add to their competition.

Check out the screenshots below to see Socialize in and outside of the app—the SmartDownload System includes a link to a tailored entity page with each shared social action. Take a look! And to download the game for yourself, click here.

Action Bar on Menu Page

Users can share game rules

Comment on the game

Authenticate to post to Facebook and Twitter

Comment posted in app after Twitter authentication

Socialize profile after authentication

SmartDownload page shared with Twitter (and Facebook) post

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