We’ve been busy, releasing web v0.25.0 less than a week after v0.24.0.  For full release notes, scroll to the bottom of this page.  (If you hit the “+1″ or “follow” thumbtack on that page, you’ll be alerted when we have a new release).

Here’s what’s new in Web Release v0.25.0:

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We’ve updated our User Scoring algorithm in the Intelligence Dashboard to normalize social action scores with a max of 100.  Now, when you see a user’s score, you’ll have a frame of reference based on a max point score of 100.  We’re also showing you details of the user’s profile, including device type, SDK version and country of residence, as well as a summary of the user’s social actions in your app.  Each social action the user’s taken is broken down below the summary.  You can learn more about user scoring here.

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If you’re a Business Plan user or higher, you can now search for users — a highly requested feature!  Just head over to the Users tab in the Intelligence Dashboard and you’ll see the search functionality on the right-hand side.

For Android apps:  Our Intelligence Dashboard will now auto populate your app’s icon, name, and description from the Android Store.  If you already have an existing app registered with Socialize, just go to the Edit Settings section and then hit “Update Application.”

Having this information updated is important because it’s used on your SmartDownloads page.

Here’s what the before & after looks like on one app:

Socialize dashboard info before updating application

Socialize dashboard info after updating application

We also have a number of new apps running Socialize featured in our App Showcase.  If you’d like us to add yours, just shoot us an email with some screenshots and a quote about your experience with Socialize.

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