From the good people who brought us XBox 360 Cheats Codes + comes another cheats app—this time for Wii. Once a cheater, always a cheater, as developer Digital Hot Sauce (probably) likes to say. These apps are pretty addictive.

As its names suggests, the Wii Cheats Codes + app for iOS has tons of cheats, codes, tips, tricks and secrets to get your Wii game to the next level (pun overload)! It contains insider information on almost every Nintendo Wii game available including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and any game variation of everyone’s favorite little Italian plumber.

Clearly they loved the features Socialize brought to their XBox: 360 cheats app, because it’s been implemented in the same way for Wii Cheats Codes +. Each game has been turned into an entity by having an Action Bar placed in its category. With social actions (likes, comments and shares) tracked for each game, the developers can see which games generate the most buzz. Buzz being activity that promotes engagement within the app and outside of it, bringing in new users and driving installs through the SmartDownload System. Further encouraging the in-app community, a chat room has been created out of the Socialize commenting system. Users can swap tips, start a conversation and connect with other users they would otherwise never have met.

Screenshots below! Check out how Socialize has wrapped social actions around each game and gotten the app community talking. And if you’re the cheatin’ type, download the Wii Cheats Codes + app for iOS here.

Homepage: choose from cheats, favorites, chat room and contacting the developer.

Games galore!

Game category as entity.

Comment on the entity (game).

Chat room powered by Socialize.

User profiles powered by Socialize.


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