Ok, so the Zombie Apocalypse may or may not be a real threat to all of humankind. But who said we can’t have a little fun while we’re preparing for it?

Hone your zombie-conquering skills with Zombie Bash for Android, an app that lets you take out zombies three-by-three to claim yourself the new leader of the free (albeit zombie-ravaged) world. And you don’t even have to get your hands dirty! Match the zombies up into rows of three to make them self destruct. That’s right, no driving a pick-axe into their brains (um, have you seen The Walking Dead?).

And since no professional-grade zombie slayer should go uncelebrated, Zombie Bash is now Socialize-enabled. Like, comment on others’ scores, and share your high scores with your Twitter followers and Facebook friends, as well as through email. Just so everyone knows exactly who they should kiss up to when the Zombie Apocalypse falls upon us (you’ll be swimming in canned rations, my friend).

Check out the screenshots below to see all of the zombie-bashing chatter in action. You’ll also notice that the app has adopted the Socialize branding to give it that extra oomph. Before they even start using the app, people will know they’re in for awesome Socialize features that take their app experience to the next level.

To see how you can include Socialize branding in your app, head to this post here.. And to grab the Socialize SDK for your own app, download it here.

App Splash Screen w/Socialize Branding

Homepage w/ Socialize ActionBar at Bottom

Take Out Zombies 3 by 3

Authenticate Through Twitter & Facebook

Comment w/Your High Score

Track Your Own Activity

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