One of the most directly and specifcially requested features from both large and small brands has been to “mask” our URL with their own domain. We also saw clever workarounds from publishers to get our platform to provide that desired effect with no feature in place from us to provide it. – Nothing preaches demand for a feature more than a customer base putting in extra time in to create a hack!

How can you take advantage of this feature?

  1. In your DNS provider’s dashboard create a CNAME for your custom URL that points to “”. (Here is an example of how to set up a CNAME record in Godaddy:
  2. Select your app in your dashboard
  3. Select the SmartDownload menu option from the right side of your screen
  1. Scroll down to advanced settings and add your custom URL/Domain to the section marked “Custom Domain”. For example, if your domain is enter  ” ” in the field provided.
  2. Save the form

Once saved test out your SmartDownload URL by going to htttp://[your custom domain]/a/[your Socialize App id]. For example, if your SZ app ID is “123456″ and your cutom domain is “” then you can test it with the URL

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